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Slate Roofing
Guilford Slate roof - Marlboro, Vermont

This is a Guilford Slate graduated roof that we completed in 2016. This roof involved removal of the asphalt shingles, straightening and strengthening of the structure, installation of new Hemlock deck boards, and finally the installation of the graduated Guilford Slate roof. The customer also opted for an aluminum snow belt to aid in preventing ice damage.


Slate Roofing

There are many quarries in Vermont and throughout the world that still produce slates for slate roofing. We install either new slates or salvaged slates preserved from old buildings. We take a traditional approach when installing slates, taking care to install them correctly to ensure roof longevity. When installing a slate roof, we use either copper of aluminum for the flashings. You can view the Una-Clad color chart for the available aluminum colors. You can read more about our methods of slate installation in the Phoenix Advantage section. Please browse through the list on the left to see some information and pictures of our Slate roofing.